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BS Compliant First Aid & Eye Care Station

£68.58 Including VAT
Complete first aid and eye care solution
  • Highly visible design
  • Robust, wall-mounted eyewash and first aid station
  • Incorporates two 500ml HypaClens Eyewash Bottles
  • Includes Small BS 8599-1 Compliant First Aid Kit

British Standard Compliant First Aid Kit Contents:

First Aid Guidance Leaflet1
HypaCover First Aid Dressings, 12x12cm4
HypaCover First Aid Dressings, 18x18cm1
HypaBand Triangular Bandages2
HypaBand Safety Pins12
HypaCover Eye Dressings2
HypaPlast Washproof Plasters40
HypaClean Sterile Wipes20
HypaPlast Microporous Tape, 2.5cm1
HypaTouch Nitrile Gloves (Pair)6
HypaCover Finger Dressings2
HypaGuard Face Shields1
HypaGuard Foil Blankets1
Burn Dressings, 10x10cm1
Clothing Cutters1
HypaBand Conforming Bandages, 7.5cm1

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