Falmouth University

I just wanted to share with you some of the comments I have received from the staff here who were trained by Pete Dahle last week. As you may know, we ran a 1st Aid Refresher course and a Qualification course (which if we had the funding I could fill three times over!) and I have received such enthusiastic and positive comments from the participants that I felt I should pass them on to you:

First Aid Training

‘Trainer brilliant ’
‘I really enjoyed the training’
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the training’
‘The trainer was fantastic; he prepared us well for the gory bits’
‘Fantastic trainer’

The staff are not usually so keen on attending courses, especially when it means they are away from their offices for 2-3 days but many of the staff who trained last week have gone out of their way to pass positive comments to me - please do pass on our grateful thanks to Pete. As I mentioned to him, we hope to be able to set up at least one more qualifier course perhaps in the spring of 2015 and if so, Pete will be top of our list for the trainer!


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