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Evolution Plus 2x500ml Eyewash Kits

SKU: E459T
£28.50 Including VAT

Emergency eye wash kit for any location

  • Self-supporting workbench allows kit to be opened and worked with on the bracket
  • Durable hinged case includes bottle stabilizers to hold contents firmly in place
  • Comes with a quick release wall fixing bracket and kit identification label
  • 0.9% sterile saline solution is dieal for irritating eyes and general wound washing facilities at your place of work
  • Kit size: 30x25x12cm
  • Kit includes:
    • 2 HypaClens Sterile Eyewash Bottles, 500ml
    • 2 HypaCover Sterile Eye Dressings

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For replacement HypaCover Sterile Eye Dressings click here

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