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Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions

Training Facilities
Training Rooms provided by the client should be large enough to allow for practical training. This will mean a minimum room size of 35' by 20' for a group of eight. In addition training facilities should conform to the minimum standards expected of any organisation with regard to lighting, ventilation, access, etc. These should be discussed at the time of booking, and may require a visit from a representative of AID Training & Operations Ltd prior to the commencement of training. If the facilities are deemed unsuitable then we will endeavour to arrange a local alternative. In all cases the final decision rests with the management of AID Training & Operations Ltd and any costs incurred will be invoiced to the client.

Booking Arrangements
Initial bookings and enquiries should be made via this website. Please complete the enquiry form, and we shall contact you to confirm available dates. Bookings may also be made by telephone, but should be confirmed by letter or signed fax.

Payment for group bookings is on receipt of the final invoice. Terms, strictly 30 days from dispatch of the invoice. Individual students should pay in full when booking. This acts as confirmation of the booking.

Cancellation by Client
Courses cancelled, in writing, by the client become liable for the following charges:

- 21 days or more notice.. Full refund 
- 14 days or more notice.. 25% of total cost 
- 7 days or more notice.. 50% of total cost 
- Less than 7 days notice.. 75% of total cost 
- Less than 36 hours notice.. Full amount payable

These refunds do not apply to ‘open courses’.

Candidate Substitution
Clients may substitute candidates for the course at any time prior to the course commencing.

Approvals & Accreditations